Sonya Rio-Glick- Creator

Sonya is currently an 18 year old Emerson college freshman whose experiences as a social activist with Cerebral Palsy led her to making The Souls of our Feet. She has a wide range of interests within social justice, but is particularly focused on LGBTQ and disability issues. Among other engagements, she has worked with Colage, a national organization for people with LGBTQ parents in a variety of capacities, and was a keynote panelist at the 2014 True Colors Conference where she spoke about "leveling the playing field" for people with disabilities. In addition to social justice, Sonya is passionate about theatre, which she is currently studying.


Walter Keeley- Project Advisor

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Mr. Keeley is a science teacher at The Albany Academies. When he's not teaching physics or helping students with their Honors Projects, he does either gardening or woodwork depending on how cold it is outside.





Valerie Abbruzzesse* - Visual/ Promotional Artist

My name is Valerie Abbruzzesse, and I am a recent graduate of The Albany Academy for Girls and have artistically contributed to The Souls of our Feet. I am really glad I was given the opportunity to take part in such an amazing project, which I hope will succeed in spreading awareness and will receive positive feedback. While I had some rudimentary knowledge of disabilities prior to this project, I was able to learn much more throughout the experience. In terms of my artwork, I have been taking art classes throughout all of my high school years and have had several of my pieces displayed in juried art shows. Recently, I have received two awards: the Sybil Townsend Greenwood Kline Memorial art award as well as an award for being nominated for the High School Regional Art Exhibition. I am very thankful to have been recognized for my work with such high honor and I hope to continue with such success. Lastly, I would like to thank Sonya Rio-Glick, the director of The Souls of our Feet, for being courageous enough to put herself out there in order to help us learn about and connect to people with disabilities.


Alex Hass* - Score Composer

Alex Hass is a filmmaker and musician. He writes music primarily using electric keyboards and electric guitars. He has been writing music for films for about three years, and he is currently pursuing a career in Film & Television Production at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. To hear more of Alex's work, visit his website.




*Received a stipend for their work with The Souls of our Feet